Perks – Art-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal

Contribution Perks to be distributed between January and March of 2014.

Our Sincere Thank You




What you get for giving


A Heart Felt Thank You on the website.


Above and a digital image quote dedicated to you (related to your support of Autism, of course).


5 Production photos sent to you via email with a special thank you message. And all of the above perks.

Digital Embrace

A digital copy of the film and a special image from one of the frames from the film. And all of the above perks.

 Cast and Crew Love

A personal video message from a member of the cast or crew production family. And all of the above perks.

 More Love

A DVD copy of the film, with a special message video message for you in the credits. And all of the above perks.

 Singing Sweetness

A special song from Jonah and his big brother, Josiah. This can be dedicated to you or to someone you choose. (Okay, Okay, Jonah doesn’t speak much, yet; however, he is very good at singing/repeating songs after a few practices. So this will happen.) And all of the above perks.

 Special Love

A special phone call and an offer to help by making a selection of an inspiring Art-Is-Umm T-shirt or hat design. Most of the funds raised from your selected design will go to help a special needs charity. We’ll have a couple of charities for you to pick from (related to special needs). We will also send you the item you picked. And all of the above perks.

 Come be a part of the Love

Join us on set as we film one of the many magical performances that will be featured in the documentary. Sorry we cannot pay your hotel or flight, but if you are not local we can arrange for you to be on set via Skype or some other similarly extravagant method. And all of the above perks.

$2,500 Ummmm, yesssss

Be our esteemed guest at a very special screening. Hotel arrangement for you and 1 guest included. And all of the above perks.


Associate Producer credit and breakfast/brunch at an Autism friendly location. And all of the above perks.

 More than Love

Executive Producer credit and a Special Dinner with some of the cast and crew. And all of the above perks.