Webinar – Autism Is Art

View the webinar here. This is an online event featuring a discussion with Jenna Gabriel, founder of Daytime Moon Creations and Kate McIntosh, art therapist on the benefits of Art (i.e. painting, music and drama) training and therapy on children with Autism. Start at 9AM, Today Live Video – Autism Is Art  

Autism is Art Webinar Invitation

Autism is Art Webinar

[infobox color=”orange”]Join us March 1, 2014 for a discussion about Art’s relevance to children with Autism that features experienced insights from professionals in the field. Follow us on Twitter @artisumm and like our Facebook page Art-Is-Umm to receive updates.[/infobox]

Angela Blanchet encourages her son Ben during a piano session at The Music Academy for Special Learners.

A Little Faith For Autism

The Little Way of St. Therese Foundation During the filming of Art-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal we met Angela Blanchet, a mom of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and founder of The Little Way of St. Therese Foundation. According to Blanchet the foundation supports Autism by finding small ways to support families with […] Read More

Growing Up with Autism

In 2010, Autism Speaks and PBS’ This Emotional Life, a three-part documentary series, hosted Growing Up With Autism. The main topic of the webinar is Autism Spectrum Disorder. Growing Up With Autism is an hour-long webinar that seeks to enlighten viewers on the challenges families face raising children with Autism. Although uploaded nearly three years […] Read More

Creativity Heals Autism Not Alienation

Proof Autism is Art

Direct from our Twitter Feed A tweet we received. Click on the story about this amazing young lady. @Artisumm Candy my daughter’s story Non-verbal girl with autism creates amazing art!! Chicago News | FOX … — Sandy Waters (@zztop62) September 14, 2013