Josiah and Jonah pose for the camera after summer camp at The Boys and Girls Club.

Josiah and Jonah pose for the camera after summer camp at The Boys and Girls Club.

In 2010, Autism Speaks and PBS’ This Emotional Life, a three-part documentary series, hosted Growing Up With Autism. The main topic of the webinar is Autism Spectrum Disorder. Growing Up With Autism is an hour-long webinar that seeks to enlighten viewers on the challenges families face raising children with Autism.

Although uploaded nearly three years ago, parents, educators and family members with ASD children may learn from the webinar as Growing Up with Autism attempts to change the perceptions of Autism in the public.

Featured in the discussion is Geraldine Dawson, Connie Kassari, Holly Robinson-Peete and John Elder Robinson.

Geraldine Dawson, Ph.d., is the chief science officer for Autism Speaks and research professor of psychiatry at University of North Caolina Chapel Hill. Connie Kassari is a Professor and Director for the Center of Autism Research at University of California Los Angeles. Holly Robinson-Peete is an actress and mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. John Elder Robinson is a self-described Aspergian male.

Published on PBS and Autism Speaks’ YouTube channel, the webinar has a joint viewership of about 4,250. The webinar succeeds in educating viewers; however, the webinar needs greater awareness.

Continuous education on Autism and special needs reduces ignorance.

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Growing Up With Autism

Growing Up With Autism, a Webinar by Autism Speaks and PBS’ This Emotional Life

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